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TitleIOT Projects
SummaryCI Designs are currently working on a number of IOT designs based on the Espressif ESP32 twin core chip, which provides a built in WiFi system.

We recently shipped a simple LoRa detector, based on the M5Stack package, with LoRa module and software to detect LoRa senders and to show signal strength and signal to noise ratio for testing systems on site. 

We are working on three other projects for different companies in England including one for Smart Meter Network Ltd. to provide a remote switching device for use with PAYG metering systems such as Caravan parks and Marinas. The device is WiFi enabled and allows remote control of the electrical supply to trailer and boat charging points.

We have recently been involved with the design of a product for Domestic Energy Products using the EPS32 to provide energy savings on existing heating boilers enhancing their performance and reducing the need to replace a boiler to save energy.

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